Maui, Hawaii

"Ishuwa has an incredible talent for taking the broad metaphysical knowledge and bringing it down to Earth with very concrete specific examples. I am inspired and enlightened. Thanks Ishuwa!"

Maui, Hawaii

"There were some points that were touched on in the channeling that really 'hit home'. These messages will continue to guide and inspire me in important areas of my life."

Tasmania, Australia

"Ishuwa answered all of my questions so beautifully. So it's just absolutely fantastic. It's just everything I sort of wanted to know and more. So I'm just over the moon!"

Mill Valley, California

"This is profound! I'm hearing this as if for the first time and I'm getting it. It's like, "oh my God this is so awesome!" So awesome the way you're explaining it. Again, it's the transmission beyond the words. This is profound. Wow. I mean it's obvious, but it's not, but it is, but I'm getting it deeper. Thank you so much! I feel like this freedom in my brain expanding here. This is profound and clear, so clear. Wow, wow. I feel like my reality is just really shifting fast. I love it! Thank you."

Perth, Australia

"That was a fantastic experience! Ishuwa definitely creates a very open field to explore. I really enjoyed the experience! Thanks Shaun for creating this mode of communication."


Los Angeles, California

"It was an incredible experience! Super enlightening!"

Culver City, California

"I've done a number of sessions with Bashar and with a number of other channels, but I think there's something special here with the Yahyel and with Ishuwa in particular. I am kinda getting the feeling that connecting with the Yahyel is some kind of evolutionary point for me. I think there is something significant for me in knowing them better. Sort of like long lost connections or family or something."

Key Largo, Florida

"I could not have come across, (or rediscovered in this lifetime), a more heartwarming and brilliant channel of such a loving and assisting consciousness. Forever I thank you Ishuwa, and still that won't be enough. Endless love and light!"

Rome, Italy

"Thank you Shaun! Yes it's been a great session. Soon I would like to do it again. I've just re-listened to the session with Ishuwa and there's many beautiful messages."

Michael and Amayra
Sedona, Arizona

"Wow. Incredible. Very, very, very special. It was very, very powerful. There was so much on so many levels shared. It was a very beautiful and profound experience. He's lovely, the guy, Ishuwa, fantastic!"

Chongqing, China

"It went great! It went wonderful. Wow! I have a lot to think about!"


New York City, New York

"Intervention with Ishuwa was great! And so special! So exciting and really thank you for everything."

Stuttgart, Germany

"Yes, thank you very much for your perspective. Yes, it was very amazing and very strong energy and I noticed it was so strong that my whole body began to shake and then there were like, getting more soft and started again to share the energy and excitement. It was really a very beautiful experience! Yes."

Sedona, Arizona

"Your channelings are game changers. Thanking You with Unconditional Love."


Avon, Colorado

"I am living in a world of perfection! Thank you so much for all you have helped me to achieve! Wonderful!"

Vancouver, Canada

"Each time I shared with Ishuwa concerns about a place in my life where I was feeling stuck, his huge buoyant energy has been so compelling that I have invariably been swept along by his tide of love and light. His gift leaves me lighter, open, and moving forward in life again."

Copenhagen, Denmark

"Contact with Ishuwa has been a stepping stone experience in my life. The higher frequencies that Ishuwa brings through Shaun, fill my Soul with joyful and comfortable feelings. The messages and the detailed information I received from Ishuwa were absolutely inspiring, and I was very impressed with the magical way he guided me to the answers for my questions. Thank you Shaun for bringing Ishuwa through and for sharing his divine knowingness."

Bangkok, Thailand

"Having my channeling with Shaun and our galactic family was such a heartwarming and special experience! The air was filled with the most amazing energy as soon as the channeling begun. A lot of the questions I had written down were answered without me even mentioning them. There were quite a few surprises that were very nice ones! Yahoooooooooooooooom!"

Seattle, Washington

"Ishuwa's information was very transformative and fascinating. I've been referring to it again and again; digesting all the information I received! It's quite eye opening and exciting."

Barcelona, Spain

"Thank you Shaun. There was so much information. It's wonderful! Amazing! Thank you so much man! I feel lighter somehow. I don't know why but I just feel lighter so thank you buddy."

Oahu, Hawaii

"Ishuwa is right on point. It is very encouraging to hear Ishuwa's words and feel the energy. I am glad you came into my path my dear beloved friend. Much love and blessings to you."

Cologne, Germany

"Fantastic! Fantastic! Thank you so very, very, very, very much for allowing this to happen. Thank you. This was a truly major revelation. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you in person."


Sydney, Australia

"Thank you so much Ishuwa. I'm very touched by what you said. You have helped me so much, and I'm so ever grateful for your advice. Thank you!"

Riga, Latvia

"I covered a lot of things that I really wanted to talk about. I've listened to the Mp3 recording you sent me so many times because every time I listen to it, it's like a new recording. It's like the tenth time I'm listening to it and something hits me, "wow, never heard it like that before." So much is revealed. Just wow! It's always like, new things, like I didn't expect, this comes, that comes. Very, very interesting to me. So much exploration and discovery. I'm so happy you offer services in this way."

Williamstown, Massachusetts

"It was absolutely perfect! It was awesome and everything I hoped it to be plus more! Just in the last hour I feel like I've learned so much and that's all because of you so thank you so much!"


Louisville, Kentucky

"Amazing! He is just such a warm inspiring being, and you know he answered everything and was very concise, and loving, and just kind of made me feel like a million bucks."

Montevideo, Uruguay

"Things with the Yahyel have been progressing in quantum leaps after my two sessions with you and Ishuwa. The exercises suggested by Ishuwa have established firm connections which have resulted in ongoing daily communications of one form of another with them and with others close to me in that realm. I am extremely thankful for your help."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"It was so natural. It was everything I already knew in my heart but it was put in a way that it just woke me up and, and that's all, and it was amazing. So I'm very grateful!"


Ojai, California

"Thank you so much for your presence and your unconditional love! And I send you my unconditional love as well and much, much deep gratitude for your support and remembrance of who we are."

Maui, Hawaii

"Awesome! Yeah, it was really good! As soon as you started it was like, you know the whole room shifted again and it was like, it was just, still is, filled with another energetic. My hands were like, wooooo! You know, whenever there's an extra dimension I kind of, my hands will kind of move and I get a healing of some sort. So that happened again today! It was wonderful."

Bucuresti, Romania

"Thank you for the work you bring in our consciousness! It is of great value! Great hugs for you and a fantastic day!"

Oahu, Hawaii

"It was amazing! It was just absolutely fantastic! He's just got such nice energy. His whole personality comes through, and he's really fun. I want to do this again. I want to do this some more. He has terrific, terrific personality, wonderful personality comes through!"

Moscow, Russia

"It was lovely, actually! It was really lovely. The energy is really nice. Yes, it's a beautiful energy. Beautiful, beautiful."

Clinton, Maryland

"I learned a lot. I had my eyes opened into some new directions and I really enjoyed the conversation."

Laguna Hills, California

"I am grateful to you and Ishuwa for sharing your love and guidance."

Uppsala, Sweden

"It was amazing! So much information! It's nice to clear things out that have been on my head for some time now!"

Oahu, Hawaii

"I found your channelings in 2011 and listened all the time. It was a huge part of my awakening and taking a holistic healing path. Thank you soo much for your loving service unto humanity!!!!!!!!!!"

Newport News, Virginia

"Hey! That was fantastic! He's so nice. Wow! He answered all my questions and, just, wow! He told me about my hybrid children. It was awesome! I'm just kind of blissful right now. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it. Beautiful."

Stanley and Resha
Grayland, Washington

"Wow! My Goodness Shaun! How much are you privy of? That was really an energetic movement there going on so I just want to express my love to you for making yourself available for that. Such a gift. Such a gift for us!"

Lima, Peru

"That was actually really awesome! That was the coolest channeling session I've gotten. It was really interesting."

Canberra, Australia

"Wonderful! It was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Shaun. Thank you!"

Oahu, Hawaii

"Thank you again for all that you do. My life is forever changed because of the messages you have channeled."

Dallas, Texas

"It went really well. I had a lot of fun! It was really cool."

Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Many ideas that I will again look over and study and then I will, yeah, it was great. I confirmed many ideas."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"It was a good reading Shaun! Thank you!"

Mississauga, Canada

"It felt so good and especially one question that I had for such a long time and I got an answer that I really like so I'm really happy about that. That's exciting. Now I have a lot of new ideas and new processes to do. Yeah, it's great. Thank you."

Fresno, California

"I've listened to the MP3 of the channeling session a few times already and get more each time I hear it!! I can't stop thinking about all of it and have been having the most wonderful ideas as I listen. I keep marveling at all of the incredible love and joy and fun that's available to us all, instead of suffering. SO MUCH FUN!"

Barcelona, Spain

"I want to thank you very much for the amazing way you explain to us how to reconnect with the divine inside of us. I will practice as much I can to raise my vibration and become better and better. All the best to you my dear friend. Love! Fatima."

Vancouver, Canada

"It was really beautiful. Thank you again. I got everything that I wanted asked and I look forward to listening to it again and taking it in. And I know we will be in touch again. I know we will connect to my counterparts in the Yahyel again through you at some point."

Halmstad, Sweden

"Very, very good. I want to thank you. It was very nice, very nice. And, I don't know, I want to tell you that I probably talk to you again in some months or, who knows, because I really enjoyed this conversation. I want to thank you again so much. You really, really made a change in my life."

Montreal, Canada

"This is a most joyful and exciting moment for me to have the opportunity to create this reality with you. With this exchange, I feel that I am crossing a bridge or stepping through a door from my old self to my new awareness. I thank you immensely."

Burlington, Vermont

"Fantastic! That was amazing. I might want to do that again in the future at some point because that was a lot of fun."

Jodie Lee
Norfolk, United Kingdom

"Thank you ever so much for all of the information, the clarity, the connections. I love you so much and I hope to connect with you again."

Toronto, Canada

"I really appreciate all that you've done and I love your messages and information. Thank you Ishuwa."

Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you for doing this work. It's so fascinating! I'm emotional out of joy because it's so beautiful and for me it's this incredible, what an incredible journey. I got confirmation I'm really on the right path, and I'm doing some really good work, and I feel very happy because everything comes from love."

Overland Park, Kansas

"Terriffic. It was great. Loved it. That was a lot of fun. Wow!"


Graham, Washington

"Thank you. Very magical what I got from this."

Fayetteville, North Carolina

"It went beautiful. I asked the questions I wanted to ask. And he also told me other things that were really informative and very enlightening to me. I think I needed this. I don't know why I didn't do it before, but in the present I'm glad in the now it's done. And hopefully we'll get to do this again with you sometime."

Serbia, Belgrade

"It went awesome! This was really cool. I found out so many things that I didn't know and a lot of things that I did know got confirmed. And I'm really happy!"

Bodhi and Elfi
Frankfurt, Germany

"So great! Crying and Happy! Really great! Unbelievable. Thank You!"

Key Largo, Florida

"Thank you very much for channeling Ishuwa for me today. It was very helpful, and I thank you for all the good work you do for so many!"

Los Angeles, California

"It was so fun! I connected with a new guide, a Yahyel. I'm so excited. It's super fun. It was a surprise. I didn't know that I had a guide from the Yahyel civilization. I didn't know. It's totally new to me. I discovered this today."

Vancouver, Canada

"My heart is full of joy and I feel a deep connection that I have with all of my brothers and sisters from the Yahyel and the Yauaney for sure. It was a beautiful experience Shaun."

Windsor, Canada

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and have listened to the recording several times already as well. I hear something new every time I listen, and the message Ishuwa shared is sooo perfect and timely for where I'm at right now."

Seattle, Washington

"It went really well. I had a lot of fun. That was excellent. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to do that. Thanks so much for sharing. I really appreciate it. A most sincere Thank You to you Shaun, and to Ishuwa and the Yahyel, and to All consciousness involved in this unfoldment and expansion. I find myself feeling honored, humbled, and excited."

Berlin, Germany

"Hello again. That was definitely interesting! He does have an interesting point of view on things. That was very fun. Thank you very much."


Phoenix, Arizona

"It was good. He likes to talk and that's good stuff. Everything was good. I got all my questions answered."

Taylor, Michigan

"It was perfect man. It was my first time with Ishuwa and you Shaun and this was totally perfect. I mean, I was not expecting all this information, but it got really good. It got really good. It was perfect. I really appreciate what you're doing Shaun. Ishuwa has a very charming and loving personality."